Wednesday, August 18, 2010


This is the front of the rock slide I mentioned yesterday. Quite insane to climb the front of it but people do it. It is a wonderful sight and would love to have a cabin perched on the top of it.

While in Canada we fished a chute on the river one afternoon with no success. The beauty of the
river made up for the terrible fishing. We fished with everything, mostly worms on a bobbler but only got a couple small bass. I was hoping for a walleye, pike or even better a trout. The large pool of water looked like the perfect spot for fish but nothing except the wife losing several of my spoons and Rapalas. She promises to replace them but I'm still waiting.

The river at this point moves very swiftly in a narrow gorge and in fact appears to have quite an undertow. Several times my bobble would be pulled under as the current pulled my rig downward.

This is looking south downriver and is another beautiful view. We have been coming to this area for over 40 years and each time we find something new. Earlier this day we traveled down to north side of snowshoe creek to the river to fish. Another beautiful spot with the wide stony river banks. I was worried that when we drove down the hill covered in stone we wouldn't get out. Well, we didn't as the truck would spin halfway up the hill (no 4 wheel drive) so we jogged to the road and flagged down someone on the construction crew with a four wheeler to pull us out. We tried the south road but couldn't get past the sand ruts near the river. Next year we bring the four wheeler and an aluminum boat for the bush roads.

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