Friday, September 24, 2010


Well, I spent the last week in Seattle Wa., one of my favorite cities. In fact, if I had to live in a large city, it would be either Seattle, Vancouver BC, or Portland Or. I visited many of the great sights to see such as the famous waterfront market. This place is great, tons of fresh fish, flowers, food, crafts and more fish.

These guys at the market get crazy and throw the fish around. Any kind of seafood you want is here, clams, squid, trout, halibut, eel, you name it.

Of course there is all kinds of street entertainers working for tips. The clown and the silver man was cool. There is also plenty of beggars in the street asking you for change. It actually started to get under my skin being asked 5 different times in one block. I did think the city was safe as we walked all hours of the evening and never felt threatened.

Since I'm in the power industry we had a tour of one of the many hydro dam that generate power for the city of Seattle. This one was built in 1906 and still runs today with many of the old penstock and turbines still in use. Above the dam a beautiful lake and below it water falls.

Some of the places I ate at above. Left picture is the Tillicum village on Blake island where we had salmon cooked by the fire. Center picture is "The Fisherman" where I had some great Halibut and right is Pike Brewery where they serve an excellent spicy Salmon and great dark beer.

Of Course being a glass blower I had to stop at Seattle Glass Blowing Studio where I usually buy my glass color. I ended leaving with a few hundred dollars of color to use in my future work. I am a member of GAS ( Glass Artist Society) and the 2011 convention is going to be held in Seattle. Several of us local glass blowers are talking about attending next year. The following year it will be held here in Toledo where is all started ( the glass movement) in 1962 at the Toledo Art museum.

The other picture is the Seattle Art Museum where I didn't get the chance to visit, maybe next year.

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